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 Veronica Cobain Fuentes

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Veronica Fuentes Radke

Veronica Fuentes Radke

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PostSubject: Veronica Cobain Fuentes   Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:16 pm

Full Name: Veronica Cobain Fuentes
Nicknames: Ronni
Age: 16, Oct 6, 1996
Job: student, 10th
Family: Mom- Veronica Davidson, Dad- Jaime Fuentes, Older Sister-Coral Davidson, StepDad- Charles Davidson

Character Face: Charlotte Free
Hair Color: Pink/blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Distinguishing Features: Pisces tattoo on right wrist, snake tattoo on left wrist,scar across half her stomach

Quirks: makes up random lies about unimportant things for no reason, runs hand through hair randomly, draws on anything and everything
Likes: art, graffiti, music, Redbull, defying authority, her dad, skatebording, breaking the law, climbing
Dislikes: snobs, math, pretentious and fake people, her mom and sister, cops, her step dad

Biography: Named after her mother, she hates her name and strictly goes by Ronnie. Ronni was born on the outskirts of Las Vegas on a Greyhound bus. Her mother, sister and her were on there way to Seattle, where she grew up. She never got to meet her dad, because according to her mother, he was locked up in prison in Mexico for murder. They were constantly bouncing from house to house since there home depended on who their mother's boyfriend was for the month. Her mother never had a stable job and most of their money came from her sleeping with people and dealing whatever she could get her hands on. So for most of her childhood, Ronnie stayed away from home as much to avoid the creepy men her mom hung around with. She had a few run ins with them when she was younger, that resulted in her keeping a knife on her at all times. Coral and Ronnie never got along, mainly because Coral was always kissing up to their mom and liked to try taking over the mom role. After Ronni's freshman year of highschool, her mother took her sister and her and fled for Canada after she was nearly busted for drugs. Ronnie still doesn't get along with her family, and does whatever she wants. Her mom recently married a guy loaded with cash, and they moved into his mansion. Ronni still acts and dresses as if she's poor, and isn't planning on changing that any time soon. She's weird. Has a bit of a temper. A little crazy. Doesn't trust people. Manic. Voices in her head. Unhealthy eating and sleeping habits.

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Alexa Stratford

Alexa Stratford

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PostSubject: Re: Veronica Cobain Fuentes   Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:47 pm

I love her! Haha

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Degrassi!
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Veronica Cobain Fuentes
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