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 Grayson Marx

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Grayson Marx

Grayson Marx

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PostSubject: Grayson Marx   Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:44 pm

Full Name:Grayson Micheal Marx
Job:11th Grade student at Degrassi Community High School
Family:Allison Marx (Mother)
Gregory Marx (Father)
Adriana Marx (Sister)
Damon Marx (Brother, passed away)

Character Face:Mitch Hewer
Hair Color:Ashy Blond
Eye Color:Green
Distinguishing Features:his bright blond hair, his height, his smile

Likes:Sports, Girls, Hanging out with friends, singing songs in his band
Dislikes:Anyone who acts like a Jerk towards him and friends, Drama

Biography:Grayson Marx has been through a lot. A few days ago before the School year started, He was driving home in his Corvette with his five year old brother, Damon in the back seat. It had just started to rain, and Grayson's car slid, flipping over badly on the road. Grayson suffered a broken arm and leg, along with a few cuts from glass on his face. Damon however, died from the crash. Distraught from what had happened, Grayson has completely blamed himself for what had happened to his younger brother. He is quite popular in Degrassi, with girls constantly asking him out whenever he's available, but the relationships always end because the girl wants to have sex, but Grayson doesn't want start things too soon. He hasn't met a girl yet that just does not only want sex, but to show Grayson what a real relationship is, even though he's been in tons of them before. Basically, he's wanting a girl that wants him, and not having sex with him. He drinks at the Ravine with a few friends, but doesn't drink a lot of Alcohol. He drinks only one cup, and that's all, unless for other reasons.

Grayson can be really nice and sweet to girls, and is nice to his friends. He completely hates drama, and hates being in the middle of it. His sister, Adriana is a freshman in Degrassi, and Grayson looks out for her while in school.

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PostSubject: Re: Grayson Marx   Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:50 pm

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Degrassi
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Grayson Marx
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