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 Andy Jinx Payton

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Andy Jinx Payton

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PostSubject: Andy Jinx Payton   Andy Jinx Payton EmptyThu Jul 12, 2012 10:53 pm

Full Name: Andelle Jinx Payton
Nicknames: Andy, Jinx, A.J.
Age: 16
Job: Student, Junior
Family: Mom-Annalisse Linse, Dad-Johnny Payton, Brother- Anderson Isia

Character Face: Vannessa Ann Hudgens
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Nope

Quirks: Glasses
Likes: Reading, being alone
Dislikes: Dating

Biography: She is nothing like her mom. She is more like her father. Quiet and shy. She isn't the type to just start a conversation with. And if she does talk it'll probably be so low, you can't even to hear it. Or she'll only say 2 words. She doesn't get out much, no matter what her mom tells her and she doesn't have much fun. She gets good grades and she is respectful but she isn't really the talkative type. And that bothers her mom and brother.

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Andy Jinx Payton
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