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 Coral Davidson

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Coral Davidson

Coral Davidson

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PostSubject: Coral Davidson   Coral Davidson EmptyThu Jul 12, 2012 2:46 am

Full Name:Coral Reneah Davidson
Job:Works at the Caf, 12th grade student at Degrassi community school
Family: Veronica Cobain Fuentes aka (Ronni, step-sister), Veronica Davidson (Step-mom), Charles Davidson (father)

Character Face:Gage Golightly
Hair Color:Blond
Eye Color:Chocolate Brown
Distinguishing Features:Hot sexy body, red-rose lipstick, expensive Jewelery.

Likes:Grayson (that will be discussed later), her step-mom, having sex, flirting with a lot of hot guys, picking on the geeks at school, Making Ronni feel miserable, money, make-up, nutritious foods, and her lovely closet full of designer clothing.
Dislikes:Ronni, being told what to do by others, not getting what she wants, being emberrased.

Biography:All throughout her life, Coral Davidson has been through nothing but the laps of Luxury, living with her dad, Charles. Then, one he got married to to a woman named Veronica Fuentes, but her last name was changed as soon after they had gotten married. On the first day of high school with Ronni, she and her had fought, causing a great animosity towards each other. She loved her step-mom, but Ronni - she's a different story. Coral is really hardcore party goer, and party thrower. She always ends up drunk, and her best part - having sex with hot guys. She is considered to be, according to Ronni, "The Bitch with horns". Coral thinks that Ronni is lame and completely psycho.

Her plan comes to her when she hears about one of the most popular boys in school - Grayson Marx. Her goal is simple to her - To have sex with Grayson, and make him her boyfriend. She believes that she can everything that she wants, when she wants it, which would be Grayson.

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PostSubject: Re: Coral Davidson   Coral Davidson EmptyThu Jul 12, 2012 2:56 am

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Coral Davidson
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