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 Won't Be On Much

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PostSubject: Won't Be On Much   Won't Be On Much EmptySun Jul 01, 2012 2:51 pm

Hey guys,
So as you guys know, it's summer. Not only is it super hot outside, but it's hurricane season. On Friday night, there was this freak storm that literally came out of nowhere that basically destroyed half of Maryland. Trees have been uprooted, and there have been at least 18 deaths linked to the storm. So, the power was knocked out around 10:30 on Friday. It hasn't been on since. Me and my family are like going around everywhere now, we're currently at a family friend's house and I'm using their laptop. The laptop is terrible, no offense to them. (: But the people at Pepco say our power could be out for up to 8 more days. Then again, they said that about this house too and their power came on around 4 this morning. So we're keeping hope alive! But still, if worse comes to worse I won't be on much.

On July 4th, I'll be going to Florida for 3 weeks and my cousins are like the worst so I more likely than not will be breifly on for an hr a day. Things should go back to normal in 3 1/2 weeks.

Hope things can work out and I won't have to leave at all.

Love your admin
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Won't Be On Much
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